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We have a choice of very private log cabins, each sleeping up to six, beautifully finished and decorated with their own kitchens and dining inside and out, Six RV Hook-ups, each with their own fire pit and fenced garden area, a communal recreation area, large fire-pit/BBQ, food menu available every evening, packed lunches and light-bites available every day, hot tub, sauna, bar, 4x4 transportation wherever you want in BC, quads to get you anywhere you need to go in any weather, fantastic discounts with all the local tours and excursions including ski-passes, daily trips including swimming in crystal clear lakes, fishing, golf, skiing in winter, hiking, mountain biking, shopping malls, cineplex, restaurants, and anything else you can think you may need to facilitate the best holiday you've ever had!

log cabins - RV Hookups - Rec Room - Food & Drink - Hot Tub - Sauna - Gym - Daily Trips - Transport